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Embrace Nature's Whisper
Embrace Nature's Whisper
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Embrace Nature's Whisper
Embrace Nature's Whisper
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Experts’ Choice

Handpicked for your Best Experience

Teas that are elite of the pack, pride of our tea experts, and adored by tea connoisseurs.

The Kettle Story

Our exotic Tea Collection

The Forest Collection

The Forest Collection

It takes only a sip from our Forest Collection teas to teleport you amidst the peace and tranquillity of forests. 

The Mountain Collection

The Mountain Collection

Indulge yourself in the freshness and lull of green hills and lofty mountains through our teas of Mountain Collection. 

The City Collection

The City Collection

Taste the liveliness and piquancy in a cup that reminds you of your favourite city with teas from our City Collection. 

The Aqua Collection

The Aqua Collection

Teas that bring you the serenity of a still lake or ocean crashing the seashore. Enjoy a cup of refreshment and calm. 

Why Choose Us?

Our tea portfolio is steeped in travel, drawing wellness inspiration from the places we love to visit as passionate travellers


We offer a range of carefully chosen and crafted tea blends and flavors. 


Our mantra is to bring you exotic and quality teas every time. 

Shipping World Wide

High-quality tea leaves straight from the iconic tea gardens to your doorstep. 

When you sip on a tea from Kettle Story, you are transported to experience the tones of nature and surroundings, and the benefits thereof, as they stimulate your senses and weave the magic of the surrounding place into your very soul. 

Freshly Sourced

New Arrivals

Try out all our new favourites with different flavours and twists!

Kettle Stories

The History of Tea

Our Goal

The Freshest Tea

One of our main goals here at Kettle Story is to deliver the freshest tea every time with excellent quality at a great price. We make this happen by cutting down intermediaries and thus the time it takes to reach you.

Tea Garden

Fresh tea leaves get hand-picked and processed into fresh teas.

Kettle Story

The freshly received teas are tested for quality, blended for taste and packed.


We deliver the freshly picked, processed and packed teas within  1-2 week

Customer’s Choice

Popular Teas

Teas that have made a special place in our hearts; these blends will make you want to come for them again. 


Kettle Story Experiences

The Kettle Stories

Be a part of our storytelling. There is so much more to teas than just sipping. Check out our take on the world of teas.