The Mountain Collection

The mountains standing tall and sturdy yet intricately intertwined with beauty and enigma exudes a sense of challenge and comfort at the same time. Tea Escapades brings you this calmness and energy in one cup through our Mountain Collection teas. 

    • 570.00
      About The Tea Cradled in the lofty Himalayas, a place which has inspired poets across centuries, come taste this exquisite tea with the enchanting notes of rose petals and spices of Kashmir. Reflecting the pristine beauty of the coniferous kissed hills and  packed with the fragrance of saffron, this is…
    • 450.00
      About The Tea Take a walk through the emerald green plantations of Darjeeling as you soak in the flavours of this second flush with hints of smoky pine. Enjoy the wonder of this smoky blend and imbibe the dazzling freshness of the misty morning in your cup. Ingredients Black Tea…
    • 580.00
      About The Tea As the morning dew captures the early rays of the morning sun, unravelling the lavender fields in the Scottish highlands, come experience the velvety aroma and soothing grassy notes of this lavender green tea. Every sip, blended to perfection, reflects the swirls of the magical lavender blooms…