Valley of Lavender – Lavender Green Tea


About The Tea

As the morning dew captures the early rays of the morning sun, unravelling the lavender fields in the Scottish highlands, come experience the velvety aroma and soothing grassy notes of this Lavender green tea. Every sip, blended to perfection, reflects the swirls of the magical Lavender blooms with a hint of honey. Feel the aura of the hills as you experience the calming effect of this magical potion.


Green Tea Leaves, Lavender

Additional Information

  • AROMA: Smooth aroma of Lavender
  • CAFFEINE: Medium
  • TASTING NOTES: The cups are exemplary with notes of sweet grass moss & honey leading to an astringent finish
  • SERVING: Hot
  • REGION: Darjeeling


  • Antispasmodic, antiseptic & a good expectorant
  • Reduces skin aging
  • Increases metabolism

Steeping Guide

Prepare Water 180 ml

Fresh O2-rich water. Better water makes better tea. Use filtered or fresh tap water rich with oxygen for your tea.

Right  Temperature

The recommended temperature for a great tea is 85º – 90º.

Add Tea 2.5gm / 1Ts

Use the suggested amount of tea leaves in the appropriate water quantity.


Use honey for taste or drink it plain.

Brew for 3 – 4 Min

Let the leaves infuse for the recommended time.


Drink it hot or iced according to your preference.

Additional information

Weight.112 g
Dimensions13 × 6 × 21 cm


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Valley of Lavender - Lavender Green Tea

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