Easy tea hacks for the tea loving traveller in you

Whenever you think about tea, the warm, cosy space of your home inevitably takes shape in your mind. Doesn’t it? 

To add to the concept, most of the tea wares are bulky, delicate, and costly. All the more reasons to keep it at home and brew your tea there.  

Does this mean that you will have to compromise with your favourite tea flavour or the quality while travelling?  

We say, not really.  

Here are some simple hacks to satiate your tea cravings while you are on the road (or air) – 


In your list of travel essentials, add the insulated infuser mugs too. These come in different shapes and sizes. Pour hot water and add your tea leaves or bags to the cup, the infuser basket sits inside and cover it with the lid to keep it warm.  


Make your tea bags at home. All you need is a coffee filter and your favourite loose tea leaves. 2 gms of tea leaves will be enough to steep the leaves.  


A travel thermos, specifically the infuser thermos will always keep you ready for a good sip of your favourite tea.  


If you have the tea leaves and warm water to steep it in, then you can always choose the ‘grandpa style’. Put the leaves on the container you have and pour warm water on it. After some time the leaves will sink to the bottom and you can sip the tea directly.  

We hope our steps will help you enjoy a cuppa on the go! 

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