A Darjeeling Escape: Peaks, Valleys, and Chai Bliss

On a beautiful winter morning in December last year, I started out on a solo escapade to the beautiful hills of Darjeeling. A tour long pending and most anticipated, I however started out with very little expectation, ready to live and absorb all that this rather unplanned trip had in store for me. My journey unfolded like the pages of an unwritten novel. The winding roads guided me through dense forests, revealing hidden valleys and mist-draped landscapes. The air was filled with the scent of pine, and every turn brought forth a new scape that seemed to be so different from the turn I left behind.

Amidst the hills, as I headed towards my resort, I crossed a charming tea estate, where emerald-green plantations sprawled like a patchwork quilt. The checkered plantation just seems so beautifully woven with the entire landscape. The tea bushes swayed in unison with the mountain breeze, a silent dance echoing the peacefulness of the region. Wandering through the tea-scented haven, I found myself lost in the timeless beauty that the mountains generously unfolded.

As the sun dipped low, my cosy abode for the night emerged, nestled in the heart of the hills. As a solo traveller, I always love meeting new people. And this place was buzzing with people of all ages. Conversations flowed effortlessly by the fireplace. Fellow travellers became companions, and tales of wanderlust echoed through the warmth of shared moments. The simplicity of mountain life became palpable, accentuated by the gentle hum of laughter and the clinking of teacups. The lavender green tea served by the host seemed to effortlessly accentuate the mood of the evening. The warmth of the tea complemented the cool mountain air, creating a moment of perfect harmony—a subtle sip of bliss. As the conversations went late into the night, tea played the role of a silent observer. 

As I bid adieu to this haven, the taste of the steaming cup of tea lingered, leaving an indelible connection between the mountains, the moments, and the subtle infusion of chai bliss that defined my Darjeeling sojourn.

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